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Love Your Planet, Love Yourself Team

(2nd series of events)

The 2nd series of events took place at University of Bedfordshire, in Arndale Shopping Centre and at the Hat Factory in Luton, UK. The events were about educating people about environmental topics and encouraging them to live more healthy and sustainable lifestyle by eating organic fruit and veg and recycling, reusing and reducing waste materials. I am very happy that my other friends were willing to help me and we had loads of lovely time together, when trying to save the world with our environmental work. :P

Team members:
      Lucia        Maria      Sarah      Tomasz      Peter       Akin      Piotr

Love Your Planet: Recycle Team

(1st event)

The first event took place in Hat Factory on 25th of August 2012.
That time we were just pioneering our idea and we felt like a group of young people who are crazy about recycling and want to share their eco - craziness with the rest of the world. :) The event was mainly about the exhibiting our handmade recycled products in order to show people, what can be done with waste.

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